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Reports on Volunteering in Canada

Our partners have compiled the list of reports below that explore the trends in and value of volunteering in Canada. Click the button at the bottom of each card to view the report!

About the reports

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The Value of Volunteering in Canada

The Conference Board of Canada; 2018

This report offers insights into the preferences and motivations for giving amongst Canadian donors, as well as the issues they prioritize when choosing to give.

Non-profit institutions and volunteering: Economic contribution, 2007 to 2017

Statistics Canada; 2019

This report examines the economic contributions of the nonprofit sector in Canada, including analysis of volunteerism, revenue sources, and employment, providing insight into the sector’s growth and impact over the decade.

Our Halton 2023 (Issue #4)

Community Development Halton, ON; 2023

Community Development Halton (CDH)
introduced the Our Halton series in 2018 to raise
awareness of the changing socio-demographic
characteristics of Halton residents. This 2023
update is part of a seven-part series which includes
the following topics: Women, Income Inequality
and Poverty, Housing, Diversity, Volunteerism,
Older Adults, Children and Youth.

Senior Volunteer Project

Volunteer Victoria, BC; 2022

In this report Volunteer Victoria examines the impacts of COVID-19 on seniors who volunteer in Greater Victoria and the supports that could make volunteer experiences easier, safer, and better as the pandemic continues to affect our lives.